10 Ways to Get Your Crush to Like You

You’re now finding yourself in a crush on someone and wonder if she even notices you. You might be wondering “How can I get my crush to like my back if she doesn’t even know my name?” There are some things you can do to make her notice you.

While the dating scene is always changing, there are some basic rules that will remain constant. These are what women seek in a man. A man who is confident listens well, has ambitions, and takes good care of his body will not look attractive. We talk to Elizabeth Overstreet Relationship Expert and Author about her top tips to get your crush to like you back.

Confidence like Kryptonite

Confidence Is Like Kryptonite

Women are drawn by their confidence. It’s that simple. It gets a bit more complicated when you consider that confidence is not about your looks. Confidence is not about how you look but who you are. Overstreet says that it’s not always about your looks, but how comfortable and confident you feel in yourself.

You must be able and confident to accept compliments like a pro, but also to have confidence in your work, your life goals, and what you have to share with the world, other than your good looks. A confident man is more attractive than any woman. She says that confidence is an attraction magnet.

You have probably noticed that a gorgeous woman becomes more attractive when you know their confidence. You may be attracted to someone you didn’t know was attractive. A person who isn’t afraid to pursue what they want understands their worth, and doesn’t settle for less becomes instantly more attractive, regardless of how they look. Women know what they want, and don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t know what he is doing.

Listen as Much to Them as You Talk to Them


It can be tempting to try to convince your crush by being all-out. It’s tempting to think only good things about yourself, and then overwhelm your crush with too much information. Before you know it, you’re talking about yourself for hours. You end up being a complete narcissist.

Overstreet says, “When you’re crushing on someone, be present and tune in to their world.” “Be present and take an interest in their lives. Be curious and open to learning more about them.” Get to know your crush to make sure you’re a good investment.

We understand that you want them to love you. How else can they learn how great of a person you really are if you don’t tell them every chance you have? Be patient. It doesn’t matter if you gave your sex off last year. However, it can feel like you just did it so that you will be able to tell others.

Conversations that flow naturally with women are more appealing to women. It will be more impressive to discover that you have spent the entire year volunteering out of kindness and not bragging. This is a true turn-on FYI.

If that is part of your personality, show some humor and inner awkwardness.


Although it may sound unusual, Overstreet says that humor and self-deprecation are great ways to break the ice. It helps to lower the walls and barriers of another person and makes you appear real.

This lets your crush feel comfortable being themselves around you. Anyone who can make you feel confident is someone you want. You can be funny and show some of your awkwardness. You will come across as more genuine.

Take a look at the Part


Overstreet says that attraction is the first thing we notice about humans.

  • You should take care of yourself.
  • Able to tell your crush if you just got out of bed or whether you spent some time getting ready.
  • You won’t be able to convince her that you are putting in any effort into how you look.

Men want to impress women they love and will not be able to tell the difference if they don’t follow basic human nature.

She says, “It is important to show your best assets – smile, embrace the parts of your body (but don’t go too extreme) – it’s important to make yourself look good.” Dress in a way that makes you feel confident and attractive.

Spend quality time with your crush


Ask your crush out if you haven’t. Spending quality time with your crush will help them get to know you better and not just as a random stranger at parties. You can choose a date activity, you both love.

It’s difficult to learn if she doesn’t drink. We don’t expect you as a mind reader, but we won’t be surprised if she doesn’t drink. You can ask them what they enjoy doing in their free time, and then add a romantic touch. Make sure you choose an activity that both of you really enjoy.

She will know if you aren’t having fun. Don’t pretend to like something if you don’t – she will know and won’t believe you if you lie before you even go on your first date. Overstreet states that when you are able to connect with someone, you can do things you enjoy together to create an emotional bond.

Be Authentic


She says authenticity is often overlooked. However, if you’re meant to be with your crush, revealing your true self will help show your love for each other. Although it may be scary to share your heart, the rewards are greater than the risks if things go according to plan.

It sets the tone for what type of relationship you desire. You’ll attract healthy, open, honest relationships if you are authentic.

It’s important to show your crush the real person from the beginning. This is the only way to determine if you have a chance at a bright future. How do you make a relationship work with someone who doesn’t like you? cannot. Be authentic and save yourself the pain of heartbreak.

Live your life!


It’s not as flattering as it seems. This shows codependency and places a lot of pressure on them. Overstreet says that when endorphins are high, it is easy to want to pour all of your energy into another person.

They are exciting and new, and you can’t stop looking at them. Give them space to breathe, so they don’t feel rushed and suffocated. She suggests taking it easy, following the flow, and continuing to live your life. There is nothing more appealing than someone with their own interests and aspirations.

You should be honest about your feelings


This is not the same as asking your crush out on an intimate date. Yes, asking them out on a date shows your romantic interest. However, it does not tell them how you feel. You don’t have to go into a monologue about your feelings for them. Just tell your crush what you love about them.

She says, “Reinforcing the things that draw and attest you to them will enable them to fully lean into who they are which will help them feel more at ease with you.”

You want to leave a lasting impression and avoid generic feelings. It’s important to let them know that you have romantic feelings. This will make sure they don’t end up in the friend zone. Not many men make it through this. Instead of saying “I have fun” with you, say “I really enjoy the time we have together, and you make me laugh like no one else.”

Start Unique Dating Experiences


Do not be the guy who asks for drinks every night. You are different from any other guy who has ever asked for your crush’s hand. Overstreet says, “There are many fun things you and someone can do that don’t require spending a lot of money. But where you can have fun getting to know your crush.”

She recommends going to a waterfall, hiking, or having a picnic outside. These are dates that will give insight into your crush. Drinking is fun but how can you get to know someone when you are drinking? You should be careful if you are a drunk who has bad memories.

Be Consistent


Inconsistency is a common theme in dating today. Overstreet says that showing something new and being different makes one stand out and appeals to the right crush. You don’t want your crush to feel confused by inconsistency.

Never leave her wondering where you are. You must decide what kind of man you want to become and then stick to it. Consistency is important to women because it shows that they are trustworthy and reliable, which can be difficult to find. This works in your favor, as she will be delighted and be swept off their feet. “Show up. Be consistent. Be consistent. She says, “Be honest.”

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