A Tiny Dishwasher Capsule For a small space sustainable lifestyle, perfect solution!

Living in small apartments or homes can make space a luxury. You may not have the space to install a traditional tiny dishwasher next to your cabinet. The unique Capsule tiny dishwasher adapts to your small lifestyle and saves space on the counter.

It was however invented by a startup called ‘Loch Electronics’ in Edinburgh. The ‘Capsule’ was developed and tested by the team for nearly four years. It doesn’t even require plumbing. It can be taken with you wherever you go, making it ideal for modern lifestyles such as caravans, RVs, and tiny homes.

According to the company, this personal dishwasher can clean enough dishes to make two meals in 15 minutes. It can clean dishes as well as fruits, and disinfect them with UV-C light. The capsule weighs in at 10kg/22lb and is portable, taking up 25cm/9.8in of countertop space. The UV-C light is equipped with LEDs that emit a wavelength of 265-275nm.

A Tiny Dishwasher Capsule For a small space sustainable lifestyle, perfect solution

It takes very little time to disinfect hard and soft surfaces. Even though it’s small, the device can handle large items like large frying pans and dinner plates, cutting boards, baking pans, and even baking sheets. The device’s user interface is simple and anyone can use it. Simply place the dish in the device, add detergent to the door, then fill the 3-liter water tank.

Two powerful sprayers are housed inside the dishwasher. They can be used to water the dishes. After the cleaning is complete, drain the water through the 1m hose. The ‘Capsule,’ currently available on Indiegogo, has raised over US$800,000. This device looks great! For $399 USD, you can pledge to get one.

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