Fitbit Sense Review: Advanced Health Smartwatch

Fitbit’s Sense smartwatch is designed to challenge Apple Watch’s dominance. It features advanced wellness sensors for anxiety, heart rate, and ECG in a compact package.

You should be cautious as if the watch is damaged, Fitbit won’t pay to repair it. It is Fitbit’s complete version of the 200 Versa 3 smartwatch, which costs $300. This watch is basically the same smartwatch as the 200 Versa 3.

It measures only 40.5mm in width and 12.35mm in thickness, making it one of the most compact smartwatches on the market. The OLED screen measures 1.58in and is surrounded by a polished stainless steel bezel. This serves to create part of the electrical connections for sensors. Aluminum is the rest of its body.

You can set the display to show the time and other information at all times by turning your wrist or pressing the button to the side of the watch.

It is not possible to wake it up by tapping on the screen. This annoyed me. You can download hundreds of watch faces from Fitbit and other third-party apps to your smartphone.


  • Screen: 1.58in OLED
  • Case Size: 40.5mm
  • Case thickness 12.35mm
  • Weight 45.9g
  • Operating system: Fitbit OS 5.1
  • Water-resistance IP68 50m (5ATM).
  • Sensors: gyro, HR sensor, ECG, EDA, blood oxygen, light, GPS+GLONASS, altimeter, skin temperature
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi n, NFC, speaker, mic

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

Connectivity and battery life for Fitbit

Although the battery can last for up to six days without needing to be charged, it will still work well with calls and alarms 24/7 and advanced health tracking features.

It was necessary to manage it every night before I went to bed.

The battery lasted 6 percent for a 26-minute run with the GPS and display on. This is roughly equivalent to a marathon. This watch can be connected to your Android or iPhone’s Fitbit app via Bluetooth. It also has Wi-Fi so you can download updates, programs, etc.


Fitbit did not publish a sustainability announcement despite the fact that it had published one.

The opinion can be repaired, and the price to do so out of warranty and battery life makes it a star. The cells of different smartwatches can last at least 500 cycles and retain at least 80 percent of their initial capacity.

Fitbit doesn’t seem to offer any out-of-warranty repair services, such as the ones for broken screens and battery replacement.

Fitbit has been purchased by Google, which has made considerable advances on sustainability; therefore, hopefully, Fitbit will improve in this field.

Fitbit’s apps are very user-friendly. Swipe down to get the best smartphone notifications. Up for widgets like weather and health stats. Left for programs and suitable for quick settings.

To return to the watch face, press the side button twice. Press two times to access four shortcuts to songs, programs, and other functions.

The phone’s notifications are quite simple. They display text messages and alarms but not graphics from chats or smart cameras.

Music controllers are not always visible and can be difficult to use. To control volume, playback, and other functions, double-press the side and tap the audio shortcut.

Spotify is only a distant service and cannot store or play audio. Deezer and Pandora may download tracks to their US servers. They can also play the tracks through Bluetooth headphones. The opinion includes Fitbit Pay for contactless payment. It is not encouraged by all UK banks, however.

Fitbit Daily Health

The Sense has many health and fitness features. The Sense records your heartbeat every 5 minutes, counts energy time, and has mechanically adjusting high and low heart rate alarms. It also contains reminders and daily action goals.

Intelligent alarms can wake you up at the most convenient time of your cycle.

Another option is the electrodermal activity detector (EDA). This detects changes to your perspiration level, which can be used to measure stress levels and provide information about pressure.

Although the concept is sound, it is time-consuming to record every single one. This isn’t something I will do often.

The EDA sensor was also used in guided mindfulness sessions. However, I felt less relaxed after performing simple breathing exercises than after using the EDA sensor. If you’re particularly stressed, it might be helpful to keep more empirical records of your anxiety levels.


The Sense can monitor and record 20 activities, in addition to overall health and activity tracking. This includes regular walking, jogging and biking, yoga, circuit training, and golfing.

Manually recording the action adds speed, space, laps, and a GPS map to this road, where applicable.

The Sense can receive a GPS lock within 30 seconds for jogging. Although the speed and space of straight-line paths appeared to be true, records for paths with unique corners or around parks were shorter than those set by rivals, which can lead to unsatisfactory results.

The Sense does not record or display cadence, or any other sophisticated running dynamics advice.

Fitbit’s goals are based on heart rate zones. More extreme exercise leads to more “zone moments”, which can then be used efficiently to achieve your objective. It is easier to understand the strategy than to use only measures to measure success.

Fitbit Coach offers guided exercises that range from running and walking to mindfulness habits and diet plans.

Fitbit is different from its competitors in that it requires a $7.99 per month premium subscription to access many of the advanced monitoring, analysis, and reporting features.

These include the evaluation of the length, pulse, restlessness, and restlessness of sleep. The health metrics dash in this program reveals skin temperature, heart rate variability, and breathing speed.

Fitbit Premium also offers additional features based on guided exercises, challenges, and plans. You can join and compete with other Fitbit users.


To keep the Fitbit program open on your iPhone, you will need to start it regularly.

Fitbit Sense smartwatch is a great choice. It has a beautiful display, a slim design, two-day battery life, strong Google Assistant integration or Alexa integration, and simple smartphone alarms.

The device has a variety of innovative health detectors such as ECG to monitor heartbeat, EDA for anxiety monitoring, decent sleeping, and daily task monitoring. However, you will need to pay $7.99 per month to access certain features and evaluations. This can make it difficult to purchase a $300 device.

Both manual and automatic exercise monitoring are strong. The opinion is weaker than competitors like cadence for performing and has issues with GPS precision on curvy paths.

Fitbit’s inability to address sustainability issues, repairs outside of warranty and upkeep is unacceptable, so it has been given two stars. Customers report that Fitbit doesn’t offer warranty coverage to repair or replace the battery if the display is damaged. This makes the watch a very expensive disposable item.

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