Margot Robbie British Vogue’s August Cover Celebrity

Vogue’s August issue is our first look at the season ahead, as it always is. The urge to get out and dress up, as well as the trepidation and freedom to do so, is strong. Perhaps our feelings are still tempered by recent experiences. It is certainly a life that we desire, but it allows us to be more mindful about how we interact with fashion.

Margot Robbie British Vogue's August Cover Celebrity

This issue is about the key look, an important style concept. Many of us have stepped out of the “normal” routine for a while, so enthusiasm and discernment are key words when we think about our fashion choices for the coming months. You are in safe hands. Here are the first edits from the season’s most iconic looks by the top designers and houses. Our editors will present the fashion road map for the next months, whether you are drawn to refined elegance or a more relaxed look.

Gabriela Hearst intuitively understands that quality is the main focus. Margot Robbie is now the artistic director of Chloe. Sarah Harris talks to her about her plans for the French home and why sustainability will be at the heart of everything she does. She is switching from cotton linings to linen, streamlining handbag production, eliminating energy-sucking digital screens, and using four times as a sustainable material in her soon-to-launch.

Margot Robbie made a fantastic start with her debut collection, which is the label’s last output.

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