The Internet is so confused by these Celebrity Doppelganger

An invisible string connects Taylor Swift to the TikTok star in Nashville. Swifties were baffled by the Grammy winner’s lookalike after she shared how she does her chores.

This makes it easier to clean her delicates than ever. Taylor Swift look-alike

TikTok user @traumarn13 who goes by Ashley’s surprising talent that he looks exactly like another Nashville resident (and slightly more famous) has helped him to gain more than 100,000 followers on the platform. Curly blonde bangs included.

Last week, Taylor’s twin was a puzzle to her fans when she shared her unconventional method of doing laundry.

She posted the following: TikTok She can be seen dancing to “Kiss Me More” Doja Cat and SZA While pointing out her homemade washing machine, Ashley said so. Ashley wrote, “How do you manage to wash your clothes without a washer and dryer?” It was all said by the Tide detergent bottle next to her huge bathtub.

“I don’t recommend doing three loads in one day. Rinse and repeat. She captioned the video, “I am done,” and it was titled “Living The High Life.”

The nurse said that she had to wash her clothes in this manner because it was “hell” and we are going to guess that the journey did not bring her happiness.

Needless to state, Swifties were happy and free, confused, and lonely all at once… mostly confused by her old-school chore choices and uncanny resemblances to the superstar.

One fan had to actually ask “wait so you’re not Taylor Swift ?” She honestly answered, “No, I’m not.”

Another TikTok user laughed, “Wow it is so nice to see celebrities having everyday problems.” Ashley replied, “Lol, I am not a celebrity in any way.” With a laughing emoji. Another person replied, “OK Taylor Swift.”

Another fan laughed, “For a second, I couldn’t believe Taylor Swift was washing clothes by himself.” “NEVER!” “Lol,” they were told by the influencer.

Top 6 Celebrity Doppelganger

Below, you can see Ashley and more celebrity doppelgangers.

Taylor Swift Doppelganger

Taylor Swift

You have not a twin! After TikToker Ashley’s death, social media users were forced to ask the question “Tiktoker Ashley (@traumarn13) was furious at her laundry routine in the bathtub. Taylor Swift She has found her match.


Prince Harry

Fans were stunned at how similar the father and duke looked! After seeing Prince Harry’s picture on the cover of a magazine, even the doppelganger was confused.

harry potter duplicate

Daniel Radcliffe

Harry, you’re a wizard…or, Felix. Fans were shocked at the French-language talent of this French recording artist. Felix Lalo, It looked like this Harry Potter Actor, one of his followers writing: “You are his clone. You thought you were him. Wow.


Scarlett Johansson

Reddit users are encouraged to follow your post a photo Her 72-year-old grandmother Geraldine Dodd went viral at the age of 22 and was picked up by her modern-day doppelganger Scarlett Johansson. The duo eventually succeeded. Attended The Rough Night Premiere together. In the words of the actress, it was “kinda trashed!”

ScarJo stated, “Oh my gosh, I’ve got a doppelganger,” on The Late Show in 2017. This was posted by my grandson on Reddit. I have no social media presence. People were shocked to see this and thought it was crazy. This link was online so I searched it.”

Leonardo DiCaprio duplicate

Leonardo DiCaprio

Oscar-winning actor Has a Swedish twin You are right! It’s not true, but a Swedish man. Konrad Annerud Could pass as a Leo aged 20 or more. His followers agree! One wrote, “You look like @leonardodicaprio young,” Another fan added, “@leonardodicaprio, you should know your double.”

Angelina Jolie duplicate

Angelina Jolie

Thanks to a Scottish woman, the A-list movie star can have a stand-in for her film. Chelsea Marr Known for his striking facial features the attention of the public Many Jolie fans in 2015.

“I’m extremely humbled to be compared with the incredible Angelina Jolie!” Marr wrote part of a 2015 Facebook posting. “Thank you to all of you who commented on these articles/Instagram/blogs etc. It is so admirable and quite refreshing to see guys and girls saying nice things about me even though they don’t know me. So thank you!

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