What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes refer to a person’s skin that is too thick from the brow bone down to the lashline. Hooded eyes are sometimes confused with droopy eyelids, but they’re not the same thing. A person’s ability keeps their eyes open can be affected by droopy eyelids. Hooded eyes can be inherited.

Many women with hooded eyes think that their eyes are not attractive or beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with having a hooded eye. It’s all about mastering the makeup techniques that make your eyes pop. Check out this list of celebrities with hooded eyelashes that are stunning and some of the most beautiful in the world.

Celebrities with Hooded Eyes

Before you may ask yourself “Do I have Hooded Eyes?” or figure out what eye shape you have. Let’s find out about these gorgeous female celebrities with hooded eyes. Well, there are a lot of celebrities with hooded eyes who are believed to be incredibly beautiful and appealing. Not possible to list them all but we have gathered some of the female celebs in the industry with hooded eyes. Let’s take a look!

Blake Lively

blake lively

Blake is well-known for her impeccable red-carpet style, hair, and makeup. This woman radiates beauty in a very visceral way. The hooded eyes of the gossip girl look captivating and alluring.

Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer lawrence

The films of this American beauty have grossed more than $6 billion around the world. In 2016, she was the highest-paid actress. Her talent and hard work are just two reasons she has a huge fan following. Jennifer Lawrence is so adorable because of her spotless skin, great cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes, and tight set lid.

Because she has hooded eyes you will see that her makeup is frequently applied to lift the eyes. Blending more at the outer corners of her eyes and lighter towards the inner corners gives her a wider set of eyes.

Emma Stone


Emma Stone is a stunning beauty who captures the attention of everyone. Her appearance at the Academy Awards 2019 was a highlight of everyone’s attention. Rachel Goodwin, Rachel’s long-time makeup artist, created this super-hot look by covering the lower lash, crease, and lid with Copper. To add more depth, Topaze was used to retrace the lid. This makeup look is also suitable for those with hooded eyes, like Emma.

Camilla Belle


This American beauty is a questionable start. She has hooded her eyes and it looks absolutely stunning. She lifts her eyes often by sporting fluttery lashes with a lower, lined lash line.

Olivia Munn


Every admirer was drawn to the actress and model’s stunning beauty, intense search for flawless skin, and unique charisma. Olivia is unique because of her multi-ethnic heritage. Her hooded eyes are a result of her mixed cultural heritage.

Chrissy Teigen


Model and TV host, 31, can never go wrong with her red carpet looks. Her style is simple and elegant. She is living proof that makeup should not mask your natural beauty.

Taylor swift


This style icon is well-known for her hit songs and iconic beauty. Taylor Swift’s talent in songwriting and singing has contributed to her popularity and success. Swift loves to add volume and a touch of color to her hooded eyes by using voluminous lashes and winged eyeliner.

Claudia Schiffer


Claudia Schiffer relies heavily on her smoky eyes. Claudia Schiffer mainly relies on smoky eyes.

Megan Fox


Megan Fox, a former transformer star, has been frequently listed as one of the most beautiful women. Her stunning beauty has always captured attention. The beauty of her hooded eyebrows and hood is real.

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